Our Case

  • In the November 2022 election in Harris County, Clifford Tatum, the Harris County Election Administrator, committed systematic and widespread violations of the Texas Election Code
  • With the passage of Senate Bill 1 in 2021, the Texas legislature changed the legal standard of the Texas Election Code to require strict compliance with the code in order to create stronger guardrails within which county election officials must operate elections
  • When counties comply with the Texas Election Code, results are presumed valid. However, when there are widespread violations and a general disregard for the rule of law, the Elections Administrator interferes with residents’ right to vote and the true results of the election are unknowable

Harris County, Tx Reported Election Results

Harris County’s Post Election Assessment

  • Report filed in December 2022 is largely inconclusive
  • Relies on anecdotal evidence versus election records to assess the extent of problems on election day
  • Attributed numerous problems to the parade celebrating the Houston Astros’ World Series win the day before the election
  • No further updates to initial post-election assessment in January 2023