Election Day: Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Polls open 7am-7pm.

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Join Alex’s Army

Alexandra is the overwhelming choice of Harris County law enforcement for County Judge.

Alexandra & Mack Get Tough on Crime

I’m proud to be the overwhelming choice of Harris County law enforcement for County Judge.

One of my main motivations for launching this campaign was the lawlessness we are experiencing in Harris County.

Our county is led by an anti-law enforcement progressive who is trying to dismantle the traditional criminal justice system by reducing incarceration at all costs—even if that means putting public safety at risk. Since 2018, there have been at least 175 people murdered by defendants who were released out on bond.1 There is an alternative, people that are risks to public safety must be detained (not out walking the streets) and their cases needed to be handled swiftly. That is what a functional criminal justice system looks like.

¹Defined as multiple bonds, PR bonds, and or bond forfeitures.

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