Alexandra’s Statement on Lina Hidalgo’s Taxpayer-Funded Criminal Legal Defense

HOUSTON – Today, Alexandra del Moral Mealer, a Harris County resident, Afghanistan war veteran, Harvard JD/MBA, and successful working mother running to face Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo in November, released the following statement. Alexandra responded to Lina using County tax dollars to fund her legal defense amidst an ongoing criminal investigation concerning the alleged rigging of a controversial $11 million COVID-19 communications contract, steered toward a longtime political operative. 

“Time and again, Lina Hidalgo has prioritized her needs above the needs of the taxpayers in Harris County, measuring policy success by magazine covers and internet clicks rather than the safety of our community,” said Alexandra“Typically, we see Lina waste taxpayer dollars to earn headlines, this is a bit different in that she is wasting taxpayer dollars to avoid headlines.  

“Lina is forcing taxpayers to pay for her personal legal defense as she faces a criminal investigation. In essence, Harris County residents are not just bearing the brunt of her failed leadership, they are also footing the bill as she dodges accountability. And to make matters worse, Lina continues to drag out the investigation, and so the burden on Harris County residents grows day by day. 

“This all begs the following questions: What authority does Lina have to burden taxpayers with her personal legal fees? And, if Harris County is paying, will Lina be obligated to finally cooperate with the investigation?

“It is clear that in Lina’s mind Harris County’s needs are second to her own. As Harris County Judge, I will cut the reckless spending bankrupting our county and return to the basics of conservative governance.”

Alexandra will restore safety, stability, and opportunity to Harris County by fully funding the criminal justice system and supporting our law enforcement professionals. Alexandra’s expertise in energy finance, along with her combat leadership in Afghanistan, makes her the candidate who will hold Lina Hidalgo accountable and protect Harris County’s future.