Alexandra del Moral Mealer Issues Statement on Judge Lina Hidalgo’s Refusal of a Televised Debate

Today, Alexandra del Moral Mealer announced that she has accepted ABC 13’s (KTRK) invitation for a televised debate. Unfortunately, Judge Lina Hidalgo has refused to debate Alexandra. The invitation to debate was initially offered on August 22nd and was immediately accepted by Alexandra. Since that time, over two weeks have passed, and Lina has now declined ABC 13’s debate.

“Though I can understand why she doesn’t want to talk about her glaring failures around crime and ethics, the voters of Harris County deserve the opportunity to make an informed decision about the person they are going to trust to lead Harris County. There is no more transparent way to inform the voters than to hold a public debate. Unfortunately, my opponent would rather attack and name-call versus defend her own policies. In fact, her personal attacks are not merely limited to my candidacy, but she has also personally attacked senior leaders within her own party, from Senator Whitmire to District Attorney Ogg. It is deeply telling that the person routinely accusing everyone else of political pandering, consistently engages in such antics herself. Lina’s personal conduct is not only disrespectful, but also beneath the dignity of the office. I look forward to working hard this campaign season to return integrity and ethics to the position of Harris County Judge.”