HARRIS COUNTY – Candidate for Harris County Judge Alexandra del Moral Mealer today released her new ad “Lina Refuses to Debate Alexandra: Stop Hiding.”

After stalling for two weeks, Lina Hidalgo declined an invitation by ABC 13 (KRTK) to take part in a televised debate. Alexandra immediately accepted ABC 13’s offer and has repeatedly called for Lina Hidalgo to participate in a debate. So far, Hidalgo has not committed to any public opportunities to face Alexandra and defend her record.

“Lina Hidalgo, I’m standing right here, but you refuse to debate,” said Alexandra. “I understand you might be scared, if I had your record I’d be scared too.”

Watch “Lina Refuses to Debate Alexandra: Stop Hiding”

Alexandra is a West Point graduate, a dual-degree holder from Harvard University (JD/MBA), and a proud wife and mother. She is blessed with two precocious toddlers who she is raising alongside her husband Clay, a fellow West Point graduate and combat veteran. On November 11, 2021, she announced her plans to leave the private sector and her career in energy finance to pursue a new stage of service.