Alexandra del Moral Mealer issues statement on Texas Comptroller’s Ruling on Harris County Law Enforcement.

“The Texas Comptroller’s recent findings confirm two facts (1) the current commissioners court is not transparent about how taxpayer money is being spent and (2) we have not adequately funded our law enforcement. Whether we want to continue to play semantics about whether Judge Lina Hidalgo has defunded police, it is clear her administration has led an effort to constrain law enforcement during an unprecedented crime wave. As County Judge, my top priority will be to adequately fund law enforcement and our entire criminal justice system so that every neighborhood in Harris County can be safe.”

Alexandra is a West Point graduate, a dual-degree holder from Harvard University (JD/MBA), and a proud wife and mother. She is blessed with two precocious toddlers who she is raising alongside her husband Clay, a fellow West Point graduate and combat veteran. On November 11, 2021, she announced her plans to leave the private sector and her career in oil & gas finance to pursue a new stage of service.