Alexandra del Moral Mealer Issues Statement on Harris County 2023 Budget Consideration

Today, Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey took a stand against a budget that would have increased taxes on Harris County residents, continued to under-fund local law enforcement relative to the challenges they face, and permitted more spending on Lina Hidalgo’s pet projects. 

Instead of being fiscally prudent and proposing adoption of the no new revenue rate, Hidalgo offered a symbolic tax rate cut that would still equal higher overall taxes for most county residents. Residents in Harris County deserve better than being forced to face higher taxes for a less efficient government and thankfully two members of Commissioners Court stood in the way of that. 

Alexandra is a West Point graduate, a dual-degree holder from Harvard University (JD/MBA), and a proud wife and mother. She is blessed with two precocious toddlers who she is raising alongside her husband Clay, a fellow West Point graduate, and combat veteran. On November 11, 2021, she announced her plans to leave the private sector and her career in oil & gas finance to pursue a new stage of service.